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Henley Heaven by Eronoel

Henley Heaven by Eronoel

Download: Henley Heaven Shirt

I love Henleys in real life and so I thought I would make one for my sims. I figured that since this is such a basic shirt and not much change to the original graphics, that I would also include some stencils for the Henleys as well. There are four stencils with flowers and trees and then one blank shirt. The shirt has the front button opening but also buttons on the sides of the sleeves, which you can’t see so well on the pictures. There are two color channels: the main shirt and the buttoned areas. I checked this over several times and so the normal and everything thing looks like it is working fine, but let me know if anything is up.

As usual many thanks to the folks at Cherry Blossom sims & TSR workshop, which I used to make this shirt. It is in a Sims 3 package package format.

Best, Ero

**if you downloaded the package version and it was funky at the bottom, download the sims3pack version it looks better*



For some reason, the CTU didn’t let my normal stick. The file works fine, so if you don’t really notice the normal being off, don’t worry about re-downloading it. But I re-did it and here it is. The original post has the fixed file too.

Twoinone Shirt *fixed*

Today when I was playing my game I saw that for some reason the normal map on this isn’t showing up right (ARGH!), so I have to redo it … I think I’m going to have to go back to TSR workshop, the CTU just is causing me so many headaches… I haven’t made the new one yet, but I will let you all know when I put the new one up. I just haven’t had time to redo it yet.

As for the shirt as is you can’t really notice the normal map much at all, normally, but it is one of those tiny things that drives me nuts if it isn’t lined up right, so if you are the same way, keep an eye out for the new one in the next few days *new file up!!*

Two In One Shirt

Two In One Shirt

Download: Two in One Shirt

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been struggling with illness and work and had little time for fun, let alone making simmy stuff! This is a basic shirt, it is called the “two in one” because it is only a shirt but it kinda looks like a shirt and cardigan. It has two color channels, but I like it best with one. Besides that I didn’t change the mesh except to make a new normal. It works fine in my game, but I never know about yours, so let me know if something is amiss. This is in package format (thanks to delphy!).

Also thank you to MTS and Cherry Blossom Sims for the help, encouragement and tools.

Smiles, Eronoel





Download: Latin American Tattoo Pack

This is my first attempt at making tattoos. I just made four this time but have a whole bunch of ideas! These four tattoos are inspired by Latin American history and culture. Its just a few days after the Day of Dead, so I included that in there too. Enjoy and let me know if there are any problems.

Thanks to Tattoonator, MTS, and Cherrybloosm sims!

Smiles, Eronoel

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam

**edit** for all of you who might have downloaded the “buttoned hoodie” I have put up the right file now! Ooops!

DOWNLOAD: New Amsterdam Dress

A new dress finally!! Its been a while since I updated- with summer heat, visits to my parents, wiping my hard drive and having the flu, I have only now been able to restart working on my sims clothing. But never fear, my ideas folder is over flowing!

This outfit is inspired by Mad Men and has a 60s feel to it. I call it the “New Amsterdam Dress” because New York, was once New Amsterdam. This is the first outfit to have an original mesh by me, but I really didn’t change much from the EA mesh. It was a big learning experience though, without the help from MTS and their tutorials, this dress would still be in my “to be finished” folder. There are two changeable colors for the dress – the dress itself and the belt. The gold buttons and belt buckle are an overly.

It works in my game, but please let me know if you run into any problems 🙂 Thanks to MTS, CTU and of course the larger sim community for the inspirations!

Download: Casual Hoodie

I decided my poor male sims were being neglected and went searching for some nice clothing to make them. I don’t know why I picked a hoodie, which today sitting in my apartment sweating to death in the middle of summer kept reminding me that its so hot today! Since I never have done any real “stenciles” besides buttons and the like, I thought it might be nice to include some graphics on the hoodie too. I conferred with my husband about what would be nice, and since he kind of a geek, he sent me to geeky stuff. I figured maybe some science or computer oriented sims might be good candidate for these hoodies.

I got the graphics (or ideas) from Think Geek and Threadless. I also translated them all into Simlish, because I like my sims to have simlish. Since I figure such a small group of people actually download these files, making ones in English seemed kind of silly, but if I am wrong and more people actually download, then I will do them in English.

Just so you know what the graphics are (from top, excluding the graphic-less one): 1. Rock, Paper, Scissors with Spock and Lizard (Nessy!) 2. Doctor Who 3. Caffeine Molecule 4. Lighting bolt 5. Star Trek 6. Arty Music graphic

There are 3 channels – the main color, the seams (which do look kind of zig zaggy because they are supposed to be stitching) and the t-shirt under the hoodie. This can be found in the adult, young adult male normal clothing and fitness clothing.

Besides that – thanks to Delphy for the CTU (that means its in package format), MTS forum for help and to SiMale for his awesome sim font! Thank you cherry blossom sims for letting me post my stuff. As usual let me know if there is anything wrong with the file. 🙂

Apparently there are no pregnant morphs for the nude mesh in the Sims (strange!) which means if the bra gets picked for your sim during her pregnancy it will look off.

I fixed the file to exclude the maternity and have it here for you to reload:

I have the whole file (including the Undies):

and just the Bra:

I also updated the main post to reflect the new download file. Also, if you know how to use CTU feel free to dig in and change it yourself if you want to – might be faster lol!

Lacy Underwear #1

Lacy Underwear #2

Download: Lacy Underwear Set
*fixed file as of 00:23 June 26, 2010 GMT+2/Central European Summer Time*

Ah finally a new upload! This underwear set really drove me nuts. I thought, “oh how easy underwear,” but noooooo, I ended up scrapping it totally once and then starting over. It was actually the lace that caused me problems trying to get it look good with different types of colors (light, dark, etc) and then trying to get the lace to line up on the seams. But it is done. Finally. Oh yea, and the other thing that took me a while was that I finally — got something finished on CTU!! SO that means these are in package format not sim3pack format !! yay! That also means the files are much smaller 🙂

This set is actually 2 different pieces of “sleepwear” – a top and a bottom, so there are two files in the .rar file. There are also three channels: 1) Main body 2) String/Lining 3) Lace. Just from my experience, the lace pretty much only looks good with solid colors, but you might find out differently. Otherwise, I found it looks pretty decent if you do a pattern for the main part and then make matching colors for the other segments. These are EA meshes. Thanks to Delphy and MTS for the CTU 🙂 and thank you all for downloading.



Download: Jeweled Sleeveless Shirt

A nice summery tank top for your sims. This ended up being a lot harder than I expected it to be and to make it look decent, I had to basically cut out the design on the top part of the tank top and make it a stencil. So this shirt has three stencil’s attached to it: silver, goldish, and blue (as shown above).

The shirt also has 3 channels of colors 🙂 It is made with TSR workshop and uses an in game mesh. Not much else to say ~ enjoy!



Download: Buttoned Hoodie

Here is a hoodie that I made for young adult/adult female sims. I figured I should try something besides dresses (although they are so much fun!) I was trying to go for something practical and interesting.

The dress is made from an in game mesh. I used the TSRW again – I was trying to do CTU but I ran into problems uploading the stencils. I have a post up at MTS, so hopefully I can start using that soon. And I have finally finished my first original mesh, but I haven’t skinned it, so I am not how sure it will take to show up here.

The mesh is packaged in sims2package (from TSRW) and has three color channels. The main body, the trim/hoodie and the undershirt. The buttons are not color-able since they are stenciled onto the outfit but I included four styles: Silver, Bronze/Goldish, Blackish and Red. I hope that gives enough options for everyone! Hope you enjoy!