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Download: Casual Hoodie

I decided my poor male sims were being neglected and went searching for some nice clothing to make them. I don’t know why I picked a hoodie, which today sitting in my apartment sweating to death in the middle of summer kept reminding me that its so hot today! Since I never have done any real “stenciles” besides buttons and the like, I thought it might be nice to include some graphics on the hoodie too. I conferred with my husband about what would be nice, and since he kind of a geek, he sent me to geeky stuff. I figured maybe some science or computer oriented sims might be good candidate for these hoodies.

I got the graphics (or ideas) from Think Geek and Threadless. I also translated them all into Simlish, because I like my sims to have simlish. Since I figure such a small group of people actually download these files, making ones in English seemed kind of silly, but if I am wrong and more people actually download, then I will do them in English.

Just so you know what the graphics are (from top, excluding the graphic-less one): 1. Rock, Paper, Scissors with Spock and Lizard (Nessy!) 2. Doctor Who 3. Caffeine Molecule 4. Lighting bolt 5. Star Trek 6. Arty Music graphic

There are 3 channels – the main color, the seams (which do look kind of zig zaggy because they are supposed to be stitching) and the t-shirt under the hoodie. This can be found in the adult, young adult male normal clothing and fitness clothing.

Besides that – thanks to Delphy for the CTU (that means its in package format), MTS forum for help and to SiMale for his awesome sim font! Thank you cherry blossom sims for letting me post my stuff. As usual let me know if there is anything wrong with the file. 🙂


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