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Henley Heaven by Eronoel

Henley Heaven by Eronoel

Download: Henley Heaven Shirt

I love Henleys in real life and so I thought I would make one for my sims. I figured that since this is such a basic shirt and not much change to the original graphics, that I would also include some stencils for the Henleys as well. There are four stencils with flowers and trees and then one blank shirt. The shirt has the front button opening but also buttons on the sides of the sleeves, which you can’t see so well on the pictures. There are two color channels: the main shirt and the buttoned areas. I checked this over several times and so the normal and everything thing looks like it is working fine, but let me know if anything is up.

As usual many thanks to the folks at Cherry Blossom sims & TSR workshop, which I used to make this shirt. It is in a Sims 3 package package format.

Best, Ero

**if you downloaded the package version and it was funky at the bottom, download the sims3pack version it looks better*


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